​​Edgar Guardiola

Tattoo Artist


Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my tattoo business page! Here's a little about myself.

I work at a rad shop called Authentic Tattoo Company in Downtown Raleigh, NC.

After you check out my site, make sure to visit Authentic Tattoo Co's Site!

I have a beautiful wife, 2 great dogs, and a crazy but amazing family. For hobbies, I obviously love painting and drawing, but I also love skateboarding, anything outdoors, playing with my dogs, or having a good time with friends. 

I was born in Los Angeles, CA and moved to North Carolina at the age of 6. Since a young age, I was always interested in art. I got my first tattoo at 16, but started my tattoo apprenticeship when I was 18. I have been a professional tattooer for 9 years and especially love the American Traditional tattooing style. I've worked at "street shops" that were very walk-in based, so this has allowed me to have a variety of tattooing styles/skills to satisfy what the client had in mind. I pride myself on being very customer-service driven and appreciate my repeat clientele very much! I'm very fortunate to be working in a career that allows me to meet new people, practice my artistic skill, and to continue to learn.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! Don't forget to check out my GalleryInstagram , and Facebook! And take a look at my client reviews too!